Mary Hagemeister
Owner/Lead Designer

Hello! My name is Mary. The handsome man with me would be my husband Chris. Together we own Blush & Blossoms Co. Creating arrangements for your wedding is what we are all about! I love listening to that amazing vision each and every bride has. Your ideas and design inspire me. Each design is so unique and shows so much personality. From the choice of flowers, to the color scheme. I take time to hear you, really listen and understand your vision for lets face it.. THE BEST DAY EVER!
Backtracking to our 'why'. I started this business with the intent to really help brides. This has always been my driver. Being a florist I always love those beautiful blooms. For my wedding I wanted to sit back and relax.. I didn't want to take on that task but ended up doing so after experiencing a few florists where I felt more like number than a client. Know that with us, you will always be our priority.

While I take care of your amazing design, Chris makes sure all the numbers add up. We are the dream team of any company but I'm so glad its this one.

Besides my love for flowers, I'm a math kind of girl as well. My background is in finance but the creative side of me needed an outlet, thus an idea of a floral event business came about and Blush and Blossoms was born. I am a mom of 2 beautiful girls. Chris and I have fun keeping up while our littlest really runs the household. 

Liya Gula
 Lead Designer | Springfield MO

Hi I’m Liya! I can’t wait to work with you! A few things about me, I’m a mom of 5, married to my best friend and enjoy anything outdoors. I love coffee and reading a good book when I’m not busy wrangling my kiddos or designing gorgeous weddings. I’ve always been extremely creative and detail oriented. I’m a firm believer in “the small things matter”. Every flower placement matters, because at the end of it all it adds up to a beautiful design. I’m here for your vision and your voice. Let's design something where jaws drop, tears get shed and a heart pounding moment of this is PERFECT happens to every guest that sees the final design.

Vanessa Gula
Assistant | Springfield MO

Hi, I’m Vanessa, the Assistant to my Mom, Liya! I couldn’t have asked for a better start in the floral industry in learning and growing in a business ran by amazing women, some whom I get to call family! I’m simple and down to earth. I enjoy a good book, and drawing is a passion. I’m here to assist the designers and make sure they can focus on the look and esthetic while I keep up with the needs of the wedding/ event. It’s a dream team and I’m here for it!

Leticia Hagemeister
Assistant Designer | Kansas City, MO

Hi, I’m Tish! You’ll see my face quite a bit at the events in the Kansas City area. I have been with Blush and Blossoms since the beginning and have loved every minute of it. While Mary takes care of the designs, I assist in the process from start to finish. I’m a lover of good reads, coffee, and puppies! Get ready for a team that will work with you and produce amazing designs.